Bot 2013 make $15 /day (100%)

Hi all users, now a days we are having very hectic schedule due to working on pen-testing and hacking vulnerable sites of some bloody spammers/leechers out there, ok let it be, the year 2013is really comes with new challenge and opportunity, we are striving on give our best and serve yourselves as good as we can, we are getting the spate of your lovely responses via e-mail and comment and feel very gratitude for your appreciation and support.

Lets come to the topic we have posted a bot before this, but many user reported us that this isn't working now and asked us for updating that, and we have promised we will come with a working one so this is the new working bot that comes with a current working proxy list ready to go, you can add or remove proxys as you like, there is no limit on how many proxys you can add, this supports custom referrers so thinks the links have been clicked on youtube or your blog or anywhere you want it to show.

There is no limit on number of referrers you want the bot to pick from, and offcourse this version of bot is copletely malware free unlike a couple other adfly bots I have tried.

Elite Proxies,Referrers,Addresses(ADFLY Links) Randomly

- Adjustable Random Timer between mutliple clicks
- Ensure the config files (Proxy.txt , Referer.txt and Address.txt)in the same folder with executable
- Edit Proxy list (Proxy.txt ) to add your proxies in the format ip:port max proxy entries is 255
- Optionally: Edit the Referrer list (Referer.txt) to put a number of referrals to simulate being         directed from a normal site max referrer entris is 100
- Edit ADFLY Link Addresses list (Address.txt) to add your ADFLY Links max entries is 255-21(my links) ~= 230
- Run the program, configure options ( User referers or not , adjust minimum and maximum random timer values in minutes )then click "Start Clicking Button"
- After done of clicking , close the program and give a few hours and check your adfly account, you can verify functionality either from the countries you used in proxies or referrers you entered

Very Important Notes
1- make sure to make an empty line after the last entry in all config files ( press enter after the last entry)
3- it's better to insert elite proxy(undetected proxies) to get benefit of geographical pay rates and avoid being marked
4- better usage of the program is to seem like normal : set the min max timers to long values and let the program work in the background all day long


Go To Sing UP

1. First of all extract the .rar archive and double click on " AdFly bot " v6.exe. First window will look like this.

2. Then click on Load button if you have bunch of links or you can manually enter the links one by one by clicking on + button.

3. Now you have to load fresh list of proxies to make it work (expired proxies won't give any result).

4. Now you can set whether you want to loop or not or waiting time (15 sec is recommaded) and you can also see the preview of your links being clicked by bot.

5. Now finally click on Start button and the bot will start clicking your links immediately.

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